How to open Destiny Second Sub-Class, Sell items, Best Guardians and more, Tips and tricks guide for PlayStation and Xbox

Destiny New Snap 4

This is the fourth week of Destiny with many new players joining in. There are a lot of gamers who have successfully become pro’s in this massively multiplayer game. But a new lot is also joining in, for the fresh minds, here are some Destiny Tips and Tricks which will help you enjoy this game better along with becoming Destiny masters.


How to sell Destiny items

You cant sell items directly but you can disassemble them in your inventory, or store them in the Tower Vault to share it with your other characters. After disassembling, you’ll get Glimmer currency and some other valuable materials, so no need to toss out the low level weapons and items you don’t need.

How to open Destiny second sub-class

For more customization options, the second sub-class for your Guardian will open up at level 15. These are unique to each class and you can adjust them to your own playing style.

How to complete Destiny Trophies/Achievements

41 confirmed Trophies/Achievements are to be obtained in Destiny. Specific weapons or lot of hard work will be required for it. Like you can’t get Bane of the Emperor achievement until you have the Superior Sniper Rifle, cause you need to take out 25 Cabal in a single mission without dying with precision shooting.

How to make the best use of more Destiny Guardians

You can have three active Guardians at any one time, but start with a single Guardian to begin with. It is better to train them up as you progress in the game, like you’re heading into a Strike that would be better tackled by a different Guardian than your main character. The advantages of having three guardians is, you can share all the weapons, armor and items between them rather than tossing them away.

How to make the best of being with Friends on Destiny

Playing the storyline campaign on your own is good, having awesome score and everything, but there’s just something about playing it with your friends, it makes Destiny even better. We had a go in a Fire Squad of three, Playing hours and hours completing the four storyline missions we have in beta, blasting away as a team at enemies.

There are many advantages of playing as a squad, not only your team mates can restore your life, but it’s the fact, Destiny ramps up the intensity to compensate for your increased firepower. You’ll find that heavies are tougher the more members you have in your team the enemies will increase in number too.

This is the best thing about Destiny. Fighting with enemies gets harder and harder unless your team is prepared for it. It gets more interesting when your team members know what to do.

Destiny is an online persistent world first-person shooter video game in a Si-Fi world. It was developed by Bungie and publishing it on a ten-year publishing deal with Activision. The game was released on 9th September 2014 on gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.