How to Open Metal Gear Online Pc directly from the Desktop

 How to Open Metal Gear Online Pc directly from the Desktop

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Metal Gear Solid Online PC is now available and in order to access the Online feature you have to open Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain first and then select the Online feature. This guide will show you how to open the Game directly from the Desktop Shortcut rather than going via a different application.

How to Open Metal Gear Online Pc directly

After Downloading the Metal Gear Online part, you will have two files in the Metal Gear Solid Folder and they are mgsvmgo.exe and mgsvtpp.exe. Here if you want to access only the Online Game you need to first open the mgsvtpp.exe and then run the other one to get the access. We have different options to run the file directly, but with the use of third party applications. This Guide will show you how to directly Open Metal Gear Online from the desktop shortcut.

Step 1:

Open Task Manager and select the Details Tab

Step 2:

Right Click the headers and select Columns

Step 3:

Enable Command Line

Step 4:

Launch MGSV and then MGO

Step 5:

Once the Game loads itself Press ‘Enter’

Step 6:

Switch to Task Manager again(Alt + Tab) and Right click the mgsvmgo.exe process

Step 7:

Select Open File Location then Right click mgsvmgo.exe, Choose ‘Send To – Desktop’ Option

Step 8:

Select the ‘mgsvmgo.exe’ row in Task manager and Copy the Line

Step 9:

Go to Desktop and Right click the shortcut to mgsvmgo.exe

Step 10:

Go to Properties and in Target Field paste the data you copied at the end

Step 11:

The File Should look like – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MGS_TPP\mgsvmgo.exe” /AppData 99c85cdbf2c837d50d37c82af2c85874f6x4987c837d5f2c837d5f2c837d5f2

Step 12:

Save the Rename whatever you want

Step 13:

Run the game from Shortcut. Enjoy.