How to open the Destiny Vault of Glass for PlayStation and Xbox

It been a while since the release of Destiny, but some people have still not figured out how to open the Vault of Glass. The Vault of Glass is located on Ishtar Sink, Venus.

To open the Vault of Glass successfully I would recommend that you surpass level 26, this will help your Guardian create stronger defense which is highly required to open the Vault of Glass. The makers call, opening the Vault of Glass as the most elaborate mission in Destiny. You need to have strong team with extremely good communication between the members. Use atleast five other team members.

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Destiny Vault of Glass

There are three Vex Sink Plates around which you and your teammates need to build a Spire in order to open the Vault of Glass. Each player should stand on one plate for the Spire to built up. If an enemy enters the Vex Plate, the Spire will start to reform and the progress will be nullified.

After you have kept all the enemies out of the Spire and it has been fully formed, it will send a beam of light to the Vault of Glass entrance, which will cause the door of the Vault to open. This will allow you and your team to enter the Vault for further adventures. Minotaurs will cause high level of damage, so be sure of killing them all.

Some people believe that Minotaur’s weak spot is its head, others have killed them by ripping off their arms by shooting at their shoulders.

Discover your own way, but keep them off the Vex Plates.

Destiny Minotaur

After opening the Vault of Glass, you will enter the multiple phases of The Templar, Gorgon’s Maze, The Gate and finally a boss fight with Atheon, The Devourer of Hour. If you complete the whole mission you will get the Raid Set Gear and Ascendant Materials.

If you are still not sure, check out this video on how to open the Destiny Vault of Glass: