How to Pillory Settlers – Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC

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At E3 2016, Bethesda had Announced the Fallout 4 DLC – Contraption Workshop which will be out on 21st June. This DlC is all about the Workshop Tools that players can explore, build and experiment in their Settlements. There are plenty of new items added in the DLC such as Conveyor belts, Scaffolding Kits, logic gates, Elevators, Fireworks, Pillory and Much More. This Guide will show you How to Pillory Settlers in Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC.

How to Pillory Settlers

How to Pillory Settlers

The players have started their experimentation with all the new items and tools withing the DLC. Similarly, it seems the developer like to have fun as well, they have added Pillory and other Stuff to be experimented with. Now you can Punish the Notorious Settler in this Pillory as long as you want. So Let show you how you can get one.

To Place your own Pillory, you must open the Workshop Menu and select it from the Miscellaneous Tab inside Resource Option. The Pillory is not that demanding as it only needs:

  • Wood – 4
  • Concrete – 1
  • Local Leader Perk – Level 14 and Charisma 6

Once you place it, let’s find the notorious settler or any settler you would like to see inside that Pillory. Open the Workshop Mode then look for the settler you want in the Pillory and don’t worry you are just assigning him/her the task if you want them back to work them you can reassign them. The Selected Settler will ‘Use’ the Pillory option so that he can start walking and get inside the Pillory.

Once you Assign the Pillory to a Settler, you will be rewarded with Time Out Achievement. Here is the small video where you see Muma Murphy being the Target of the Pillory. Enjoy.