How to Play and Loot Shuhei Yoshida’s Bloodborne PS4 Chalice Dungeon

 How to Play and Loot Shuhei Yoshida’s Bloodborne PS4 Chalice Dungeon

Bloodborne is proving to be such an amazing game that even the ultimate boss of Sony Shuhei Yoshida could not stay away from it. He is not only playing Bloodborne but looking at his achievements it seems like he is playing Bloodborne exceedingly well. Yoshida has his own Chalice Dungeon and here is a guide on how you can play in the Boss’s very own Chalice Dungeon.


Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne are vast underground ruins deep beneath the city of Yharnam. Procedurally-generated to create a new, harrowing experience every time you enter, Chalice Dungeons offer a chance to experience Bloodborne’s sense of exploration, danger and reward in all new ways.

Shuhei Yoshida openly asked Bloodborne players to visit his Chalice Dungeons via his recent tweet: “I’ve made my first random Chalice Dungeon, come play and loot”

Yoshida’s Chalice Dungeons are two dungeons with different difficulty levels, one can be called an easy dungeon and the other is a bit more advanced/difficult compared to the first one. To be able to access Yoshida’s Chalice Dungeons you need a Chalice.

Shuhei Yoshida Chalice Dungeon Easy Shuhei Yoshida Chalice Dungeon Hard

Search through Chalice Glyph and input gqgtq23r to reach the easy Pthumerian Labyrinth and input 4dy5v9m2 for the advanced Central Pthumerian Labyrinth.

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