How to Play as A Survivor and A Killer in Dead By Daylight Tips and Tricks


Dead By Daylight has set the survival horror genre to the next level where the goal is to survive the enclosed forest and escape from the killer. You are also given a chance to play as a Killer and then hunt down the Survivor and while doing it the Killer and the Survivor gains Experience Points which can be used to upgrade your character and unlock new Skills. Let’s have a look how you can Win While playing as a Survivor and a Killer in Dead by Daylight.

How to Play as A Survivor and A Killer

How to Play as A Survivor

Survivor is You and 3 other players trapped in an enclosed forest area at night. Your main Goal is to escape the area which is only possible either by activating all the generators in order to activate the large metal door or simply escape through a trapdoor which can only happen if you are the only survivor left in the forest also the location of the trapdoor is random so it is very difficult. Here are the Best and Top Tips on how to play as a Survivor in the Dead by Daylight.

  • Start Activating all 4 generators by Repairing them and Open the Exit gate and Escape
  • Listen To the Environment more than reacting to it like running or making noise
  • Use the Cover area more then Hiding in the Closet. Enter Slowly if not running
  • Always help you Mate to heal and escape the trap
  • You can crawl to the exit gate and escape while downed
  • Skill Checks makes sound before they are executed
  • You Don’t need a First aid kit to heal your ally
  • All 4 survivors can work on the generator together if not disturbed
  • Killer can hear through walls when you’re making noise
  • Try One Survivor to Open the Exit door while other 3 can hide for safety measures
  • Running will leave your trace which the Killer can easily track to locate you
  • Try Sprinting towards the Closet then Start walking towards other direction quickly in order to bluff the Killer off you

How to Play as A Killer

If you’ve played as a Survivor then you know how Killer works and you want to make it best by hunting down the Survivors by yourself. There are 3 types of Killers and each has it’s own ability to kill and stop the survivor from escaping. So Let’s have a look at the Major points where you need to focus on while your Hunt in the enclosed forest of Dead by Daylight.

Things to Notice

  • If a Survivor is Hiding in the Closet then Ravens will perch around It
  • If a Survivor is Downed for some time then the Ravens will circle around him
  • If a Survivor is injured then follow the blood trails before they heal themselves

Playing as a Trapper

  • Think like a Trapper and start with gathering and setting the Traps by yourself
  • With the Trapper’s Bag add-on you can carry more than one trap
  • You can also be caught by your own trap so be careful while placing them
  • Try to place a trap below the hooked survivor to create a double trap

Playing as Hillbilly

  • The Secondary action helps you to use the sprinting rage and if you hit the survivor successful then he will be damaged into a critical state
  • You Must be aware of the Rev Chainsaw making enough noise that the Survivors are alerted
  • Try not to leave the Hanged survivor or watch them from a short distance to wait for another prey

Play as Wraith

  • Do not rush with the beat instead, wait for it to get closer
  • If the Survivor escapes then check all the windows and planks that slow you down
  • Wait and Watch first then, beat until you hang someone on a hook
  • When a Survivor jumps into the hatch then you can stop him

This was all about the Killers and the Survivors if you have any doubts or anything to share then do let us know in the comments below. Also, check out our other collectibles guide for Dead by Daylight.