How to Play as Cinque in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Tips and Tricks

Cinque, an amazing beauty, is a playable character in the recently released Final Fantasy Type-0 HD games. Do not make the mistake of being fooled by her innocence and beautiful looks.

Cinque is capable of delivering high amounts of damage to her enemies when it comes to battling. Here is a tips guide on how you can play as Cinque in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.



The very first thing that you should be aware of while playing as Cinque is, she is a slow player. When it comes to fast passed battles, Cinque’s slow moves can prove to be a disadvantage to you as she cannot achieve Kill Sights and Break Sights.


On the bright side, Cinque, as mentioned earlier can deliver high damage with high attack stats. She can manage this with her swift movement of Mace. Do not be eager to let Cinque go while summoning Eidolon as she can prove to be high on melee attacks when used to the fullest.


Cinque proves to be of amazing advantage when you help her upgrade the unique capabilities. Battles will be in your favor if you upgrade dodge capability by buying Accelerate and Slipstream. Then move on to enhance the Earthquake ability. Whenever possible, keep in mind that stunning the enemies will be of high benefit even while battling against larger enemies. Enhance the stun rate by upgrading the Magnitude of Earthquake and last but not the least, do not forget to buy Flinchproof Quake.


The abilities that we are looking out here are Homerun Swing and Mace Cyclone. Mace Cyclone as the name suggests will put any enemy to rest which tries to cross Cinque’s path. You can deliver highest damages with the help of Homerun Swing, this ability will work for the best if you don’t face any enemy while charging the swing as you will not be able to dodge while in the process of charging. Another ability to look out for is Cheerleader, if you can aim well, this ability will be a boon during battles.


Do not give up on this girl due to her slow speeds, she will cover up more than enough with the help of high damages that she causes. Cinque can even stand strong against enemies with very high HP level or those who need magic to survive. Selecting Cinque as your player will be highly beneficial if you know how to use her powers and abilities well.

Play as Cinque with the help of the above mentioned tips and share your opinion with us in the comments section.