How to play NBA 2K15 NBA Today, Quick Game, All-Star Team-up and more game modes for PC, PlayStation and Xbox


NBA 2K15 is a basketball game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for the PlayStation and Xbox users. It is basically the sixteenth installment of the NBA 2K franchise which is been featured with a wide variety of professional teams and includes more teams than any other previous game could.

NBA 2K15

How to play NBA 2K15 NBA Today, Quick Game, All-Star Team-up and more game modes

NBA Today

NBA Today is all about how you jump into a game as quickly as possible. And to bring up a series of tiles on a menu that are all different game modes, you got to enter this mode and then press B for Xbox or a Circle for PlayStation. It showcases the real-world NBA basketball games which take place all over the country. Here you’ll be able to see which city and state the games would be taking place and according to that jump into the games by yourself and pick on for the team you would want to play with.

Online Leagues

You can start online leagues with others.

Quick Game

The fastest way you can start a game of basketball is by a “pre-game” show, which gives you the opportunity to edit the lineup of each team before you go for the game. And if you wish, you can also listen to the commentary given about the game through the pre-game show. Online Quick Match is the same idea as the “Quick Game” concept, except that it is to be played online.

All-Star Team-up

This is another online game mode, where you play as All-Star NBA legends.


Play those online games on the Blacktop. Your choices for match types are:

One vs One

Two vs Two

Three vs Three

Four vs Four

Five vs Five

Play With Friends

Here you can play online games with the people that are on your friend’s list.


You can check out the training videos, play practice modes, and read up on the controls in NBA 2K15.


You can view the rosters of the teams in the game.