How to play Rocket League as a pro

Rocket League is a Fun arcade game which we can play with the bots and with our friends(online multiplayer). With time the game gets more challenging and competitive, so you need to catch up with the pace of the game. This guide will help you to take your Rocket League gaming skills to next level.

Rocket League

How to go pro in Rocket League?

There are many different ways to improve your skills and come up with some new potential to win. You can also participate in the Tournaments where you compete with other online player and earn cash, but you need to be ready before you face someone in the tournaments.

Play as a Team and Solo:

In the Tournaments, you won’t see more of 4×4 teams as it often turns to a chaotic moment. As you know the Rocket League can be played in many different ways, it’s better you start with 2×2 and 3×3 team matches for the start. You will learn more defense and the rotating offense while playing with less amount of players. After you are well fiddle with the 2×2 match now its time to make it even more difficult by playing it one on one.1×1 Matches will help you gain more and more defense as you are the only one hitting and defending the goal. It forces you to learn the timing when to hit and when you should backup the goal. Also the Ball handling and shooting goal skills will increase and you will be the only one to play with.

Keep Practising:

To be a professional Rocket League player you should have all the skills including the aerial especially. Plenty of beginners are watching the high-level play and if you are good in controlling the ball on the ground then you should focus on the grounded play-style. This will help you to keep the ball on the ground and keep away from the player with more of aerial skills. Every Player have their own gameplay style and if you come across an aerial player then you have the best opportunity to win and frustrate these players by keeping the ball more on ground.


Most of the time the tournaments are for 2×2 and 3×3 team matches.1×1 is always available in such tournaments. If you are looking for participating in the tournaments then you should have your team ready and also keep a good focus on your verbal skills as you need to communicate with the other teammates during the game. For the Tournament, you can also keep posting over PSN network to know more about the open tournaments.

Stay Tuned for more coverage on Rocket League. Hope this guide was helpful to you.