How to play Watch Dogs on DirectX 10 supported Graphics Card

Watch Dogs Chicago City Comparison Screenshot

If you do not have the latest things needed to play Watch Dogs, but are still willing to play this game, then there definitely is a way to to enjoy Watch Dogs without spending those extra bucks. This guide is useful if you are getting an error “Watch Dogs requires that your graphics hardware be compatible with DirectX 11, and have the DirectX 11 runtime installed”. Here is a small procedure you need to follow in order to run Watch Dogs on DirectX 10.

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft, DirectX 10

You need to be ready with certain files, in order to use the DirectX 10 version for Watch Dogs. First and foremost is the dxcpl.exe file, if you do not have one, you will have to install the Windows SDK for your version of windows for dxcpl.exe to be included. The DirectX 10 which we are talking about here, should have all the necessary things, like the DX10 video card, updated to its corresponding latest version. Also keep in mind that, if in future you decide to go for the upgraded version of your video card, then do not forget to undo all the changes you are about to make with the help of this guide, to avoid performance lags.

Follow these steps to run Watch Dogs on DirectX 10:

  • Go to start menu and type “dxcpl.exe”
  • In Direct X Properties, under the scope tab open “Edit List”
  • Then go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher and add the exe files
  • Next go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Watch_Dogs\bin and add “watch_dogs.exe” file. These are the default locations, your file path may vary depending on the location of the directory you used for installation of Watch Dogs.
  • Close this list box now
  • Open “Feature Level Limit” at the bottom of the main window and select “11_1”
  • Check “Force WARP”
  • Click Apply and run Watch Dogs

If you feel that Watch Dogs is very slow on your system, you should play it on the lowest display settings. Try to follow this guide and tell us in the comments section if you experience any problems with Watch Dogs.