How to Progress faster in Grand Theft Auto V, Tips and Tricks Guide

 How to Progress faster in Grand Theft Auto V, Tips and Tricks Guide

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The GTA Series is the action packed single and multi-player series. Grand Theft Auto V is the latest game in this series. It is developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC. It will be released for PC on 27 January 2015. Here are some tips and tricks, dos and don’t s for for the players who want to proceed faster in this game with maximum profits.

Grand Theft Auto V

How to Progress faster in Grand Theft Auto V

Important Tip: Use The Map

The Map helps us for getting the missions, it is the basic tool for planning your roads in Los Santos. It helps to locate the shops, strip joints, etc.You can locate missions by zooming in and out the map in GTA 5.

Building up the skills of Character:

There are three characters in the game, Franklin, Michael and Trevor. You need to build the skills and stamina of the characters. You can do that by going to shooting range, drive for increasing the gun and driving skills. Running and swimming increases the stamina.

To build up your skills you must complete missions in which you’ll get gold medal, silver medal or bronze medal that will add up 3%, 2% and 1% of your “Skill”. Also your Skill improves by jumping and stunts. 18 yards of running or a minute of swimming increases 1% stamina. There are various other activities marked on the map to develop your character.

Helping tool: Your Phone:

Your phone is the helping tool to connect to your acquaintances in the city. You can complete side stories and extra missions to develop skills. As You’ll go further there will be people calling you for help or hanging out. Even you can call others and explore.

The Blue Dot Mission And Strangers And Freaks Mission:

The Strangers and Freaks is a side mission which brings you in contact of many strange people. YOu’ll find these side missions on the map marked by a question mark sign. You’ll also find the Blue Dots mission popping up on the map randomly helping you too make new contacts and build up extra skills.

Do not mess up in the mission where you can get shot, you’ll not be able to complete the game.