How to reach Dark Souls 2: Ivory King Frigid Outskirts, Find Garrison Ward Key and Banish the Wind in Eleum Loyce for PC, PlayStation and Xbox


Dark souls 2 fans who are looking for thrill, Frigid Outskirts is perfect to quench your thirst. It is the toughest compared to the remaining add-ons for Dark souls 2. If the challenge is ain’t risky its not enjoyable. I have written about the task and what is required to reach the frigid outskirts zone. You have to be fully prepared to face the worst consequences and enemies.

Dark Souls II

It is one of the difficult area and the path to reach it is not easy. You need to defeat Ava, banish wind with the help of Alsanna and find the Garrison ward key. Following is the guide and hurdle to overcome to reach the Frigid Outskirts:

How to Reach Dark Souls 2: Ivory King Frigid Outskirts

You have overcome two hurdles, you have Garrsion ward key to unlock the door leading to Frigid Outskirts. To reach your destination following path has to be followed .

Passing the second bonfire and you will come across a door guarded by three Hollowed enemies and taller Rampert Golem on the outer wall area. You need to be prepared, this area is filled with horrible enemies. The door will unravel a strange coffin and bonfire. Use the coffin to reach the Frigid Outskirts. So guys what are waiting for start playing as you now know how to reach the Frigid Outskirts. But beware you never know how many horrible things reside there.

How to Banish the Dark Souls 2: Ivory King Wind in Eleum Loyce

Defeating Ava, The King’s Pet and banish the wind are the first hurdle to be completed to reach frigid Outskirts. To defeat Ava collect the Eye of the Priestess. Eye of the priestess will be found in the open air tomb inside the Tower.

You can see it glowing in the snowy wing, it makes Ava visible. After defeating Ava find Alsanna. Alsanna, will help you destroy ice barriers and banish the wind. She can be found near the entrance in the Grand Cathedral .She will give you offer that should be accepted .After completing above task new areas will be left to explore

How to Find Dark Souls 2: Ivory King Garrison Ward Key

The second hurdle is to find Garrison ward key, to complete this task you need to reach first bonfire and then back to Abandoned Dwelling bonfire using teleport. Start looking for new path previously blocked with an ice wall.

Let the torch guide you through the narrow path. You need to light torch again and again if winds start playing with it. Four unlit turns will be in the new corridor, light them and door will open. You will find a corpse inside, it is holding the Garrison Ward Key.