How to Record High-Quality PC Gameplay Videos for Free

PC Gamers have all the freedom to demonstrate and explore the particular part in the game by recording it and uploading them in the respective Video Channels. Showing off their latest mods or helping out the other players on how to or where to find the different in-game locations. This Guide will show you how to record and get the Best quality Video for your gameplay and that too for Free.

How to Record High-Quality

Be it Uplay, Steam, Social Club or any other video game software, this video recorded works smoothly. There are tons of video recording software out there in the market that will help you with recording but while uploading it we see the quality loss, as well as the size, matters. The Paid software, on the other hand, gives the quality but some of it are lost while uploading. So here is how you will solve steam capture video problem once and for all Free.

How to Record PC Gameplay Video

You need a Computer with Decent Requirement which has i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. Coming to the Free software we use and recommend the Open Broadcasting Software(OBS). Download this software as this is a free and open source software for video recording and live to stream. The First thing comes in your Mind is How to get the High-Quality recording for this software, so here is the answer for the software configurations:

Note: Do not Use this setting for Live Streaming

Step 1:

Open the OBS Software

Step 2:

Go to Settings select Encoding part and make the following changes

  • Use CBR: Disabled
  • Quality Balance: 10
  • Bitrate: 1000
  • Use custom buffer size: Enabled
  • Buffer size: 0

Step 3:

Open the Advanced Options and make the following changes

  • x264 CPU Preset: Ultrafast
  • Use Custom x264 Parameters: Enabled
  • Custom x264 Parameters: CRF = X

Note: CRF cannot be zero as it is for High ‘444’ modes so try keeping it between 5 to 10. Avoid recording directly to MP4 format as the PC sometimes might not handle. So Try with FLV instead.

Step 4:

Try Recording and Enjoy.

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