How to redeem Xbox prepaid code from PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

An Xbox code should be redeemed to can make Xbox purchases or extend memberships. Prepaid codes can be purchased from a retailer or you can receive them as a gift. Prepaid codes can be used for purchasing even without a credit card. If you have Xbox 360 Entertainment For All Plan, prepaid subscriptions cannot be stacked or combined. Also an Early Termination Fee will be charged if you end the subscription before the end of the two years.


How to Redeem a prepaid code from computer

  • Prepaid codes for all types like Xbox gift cards, Xbox Live gold cards, and Xbox Music Pass cards can redeemed from your computer, it will have an immediate effect on your account. Here are the steps:
  • Go to Redeem Code and select Sign In
  • Then Sign in with Microsoft account
  • Click Redeem
  • Now enter the 25-character prepaid code
  • Click Confirm

How to Redeem a prepaid code from Xbox One

  • Go to Games > Use a code
  • Sign in if prompted
  • Hold a QR code in front of your Kinect sensor
  • If you don’t have a QR code select “Or enter the 25 character code” and then enter the code you have

How to Redeem a prepaid code from Xbox 360

  • Sign in to Xbox Live
  • Press Guide button on the controller
  • Go to Games & Apps > Redeem Code
  • Now enter 25-character prepaid code
  • Select Done and then Yes to confirm