How To Remove Base Building Limit In Fallout 4

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Bethesda has put up a cap (limit) on Base Building in Fallout 4. In this Fallout 4 guide, I will provide you detail on how to remove this Base Building Limit in Fallout 4 and carry on to build more for your settlements. There is a mod available for download for Fallout 4 called “Higher Settlement Budget” from well-known modder GrimTech – PatrickJr. This mod allows player to cross the limit put by Bethesda on Base Building.

Fallout 4 Base Building Limit

To get this mod work, you need a batch file created by Jobac, which adds 1K pieces of each junk items for crafting or 1K of each ammo types. You have two options for getting access to this batch file created by Jobac, either download it or copy and paste the items from NexusMods to a text file and then placed this file inside the Fallout 4 folder. I know many of you will find this copy-pasting process cumbersome so here is the direct download link of the batch file.

The official creation kit for Fallout 4 is not yet out but still modders are trying out their best to make Fallout 4 once in a lifetime experience. The future looks bright for Fallout 4 once Bethesda releases the official creation tool for the game.

Download Link for Fallout 4: Base Building Limit Removal Mod.