How to repair damage games DVD and CD


In today’s world, each and every games comes on CDs, DVDs and other such devices, Imagine if your favourite game CD, DVD get damaged you will face problem in your gameplay and also this damage CD,DVD can cause your game console to crash. We will give you some steps which you can follow for repairing your damage game CD,DVD. First let me tell you the list of things you will be required to Repair your damage games CD and DVD:

  1. Window Cleaner
  2. A piece of cloth
  3. A CD repair spinner

If you have the above thing with you than you can easily repair your damage game CD and DVD. Keep the above thing in front of you and follw the step listed below

  • Go through the surface of your video game CD or DVD and check for Scratches if you find thick scratches than your CD is completely damage you can repair it, but you can easily repair and resolve the dust and minor scratch issue.
  • Take the window cleaner and spray it out on the cloth and just wip out the surface of the CD or DVD from inside to outside so that whatever dust or fine particles is there just get wip out, but don’t forget to wip out from inside to outside.
  • Keep your CD or DVD for drying and use it again to check wheteher its working fine now and your are not facing any issue now with gameplay.
  • You can use the CD repair spinner for removing minor scratches from your damage CD or DVD. This CD repair spinner is easily available in the market which will automatically discard the layer around the scratches which is indirectly is nothing but buffering the scratches and making your CD or DVD free from scratches