How to Rob or steal items in Black Market: Dishonored 2

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Black market shop in Dishonored 2 is an essential place to get a lot of items and upgrades. So we bring you a guide that will offer you full resources on getting free items from Black Markets. The salesman in the market is mostly available on the streets of Karnaca. They will take you to the shop where you can use Runes or coins to get upgrades. You can also use blueprints for gadgets and ammos.

Black Market Heist: Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2: How to get Black Market Items for free in Mission 2: Clockwork Mansion:

There is a small catch that you can utilize to get free items from the black market. These items will not demand any kind of gold and the saved can be used for further upgrades.

Method Stealing/Heist:

  1. You can steal the items from Black Market by taking down the shop keeper. One benefit you can test in Mission 2: Clockwork Mansion.
  2. Search for the building that is filled with Blood flies. Kill them all and then look for a little market in the area. Go the first floor and then destroy the entire nest.
  3. Now you have to reach at the top of this building. For that follow the stairs first and then look for a room with piano. Cross the barricade and look for Nestkeeper.
  4. Knock him using Sleep Dart and then find the glass aquarium inside the Black Market.
  5. Go towards yard and then kill the shopkeeper. You have to take care that you must be alone. No one should see you while doing this.
  6. Check the shop, look in the storage also. Loot items and then get out.

Dishonored 2: Rob Black Market Items for free in Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory:

Similar to above you can also play a Black Market Heist in Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory. The shop is located at the start of the level.

Method Stealing/Heist:

  1. From the canal area see towards left and enter the passage with lights on, on the first floor.
  2. Take the route left to stairs, and at the right side you will see the counter with shopkeeper behind it.
  3. Turnaround from the counter and pickup the liver (a wheel) from the room and get outside. You have to go down towards the canal, use the liver, to open the canal get.
  4. Swim inside and then follow the stairs to the left. Use the chain to climb in the room. Hide behind the desk and slowly go behind the shopkeeper.
  5. Kill him and rob the store. Search the entire shop for items. See near the desk, cabinets, safe, etc.

Dishonored 2: Rob Black Market Items for free in Mission 6: The Dust District

Similar to above you can also play a Black Market Heist in Mission 6: The Dust District. The shop is located between the Howler and Overseers region.

Method Stealing/Heist:

  1. When you leave the boat take the stairs and then take a left, then take a right to reach a small balcony. Follow the stairs to the left side.
  2. Go straight a broken passage and enter through a small entrance on the left. You have to reach on the top floor. Follow the screen mark.
  3. From the statue area move towards the left part to reach a place with No Trespassing board. Take the left stairs down with two hand graffiti and an arrow mark over it.
  4. The Black market is on the left side with a woman on the counter.
  5. Just ahead to the left side there is a door locked with combination in below the stairs. Get out of the store and take a left and slide inside the broken wall passage.
  6. Follow the path till you reach a window with iron rods. Shoot the plank that is blocking the door of the first floor. Enter the shop and then move straight towards the stairs to reach the first floor. Enter the room, you will find the safe combination on the wall, numbers marked with red. Combination is 423.
  7. Quietly get in the shop and then take down the woman at the counter. Rob the shop.

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We will update the guide soon with more unlocks.