How to Save in No Man’s Sky Beyond

It’s been a while since a game didn’t have an autosave feature. Save points are slowly becoming a relic of the past, a time where a PlayStation II relied on a memory card. They’re getting replaced by autosaving features, or they allow players to save anywhere from the menu. No Man’s Sky opted to keep that save point feature, making saving somewhat confusing at first, especially for players used to the game autosaving progress.

No Man’s Sky update Beyond adds a lot of new features and changes several things. Luckily, saving was not one of them. No Man’s Sky offers three ways for you to save your progress, as reported by Eurogamer: most of which are an odd hybrid of autosaving, save points, and menu saving.

Exiting the Ship

The first is the easiest. Merely leave your ship. The moment you leave your ship, your progress gets saved. It doesn’t matter how long you leave your ship. Your progress is going to save.

If you ever think you haven’t saved, merely jump in and out of your ship whenever you need to do it. Then you’ll know for sure.

Activate a Beacon

Beacons act as save points and activating them saves your game. You can find beacons on almost any planetary structure, provided they aren’t ruins or monoliths. Activate them while you’re exploring, and your game automatically saves.

Portable Save Point

An odd combination of convenient and complicated, No Man’s Sky allows you to make a portable save point in the game. It’s reusable, and all you have to do is set it down and activate it to save your progress.

The blueprint becomes available early in the game and can be crafted easily from conventional resources.

While the saving feature in No Man’s Sky is complicated at first, it does allow some minor conveniences and is accessible once players understand the system before them.