How to select the Best Destiny Faction For PlayStation and Xbox

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Every Faction has its own representative in the tower. The Tower Hanger, the structure to the right of Guardians when they first spawn into the Tower Plaza is where you will find the Future War Cult’s and the Dead Orbit’s representative. The third and the last Faction representatives of the New Monarchy can be found in the Tower North just to the left when you enter the Tower Plaza. The robot you see when you first arrive at the Tower can give you the Specific locations by the map of the area.


Destiny was developed by former Halo developer Bungie. The online sci-fi shooting game can become the next billion dollar IP for Activision. The game was released on 9th Sept 2014 on gaming consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360, making it the best seller video game by selling $500 million into retail on day one. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find and what the faction are in this guide:

How to select the Best Destiny Faction

Dead Orbit:

Leaving The City is what the Dead Orbit wants to do, an escape plan before The Darkness returns from Earth which is already dying. They have no faith that The City can hold on against a major attack. Arach Jalaal can be found in the Tower, the representative of the Dead Orbit.

Discipline and Strength is the Speciality of the Dead Orbit. Purchasing Armours from them will reduce the cool down time of the Grenade and Melee abilities. The Dead Orbit are the least popular of the three because they don’t give any bonus to the Super abilities.

Future War Cult:

Known for the huge military strength they have and are ready to fight at any given time. Also known as FWC, they believe that another war with The Darkness cannot be avoided. Lakshmi, representative of the FWC is a vendor who sells Weaopns and Armours to the Guardians.

Every Faction has something important like, purchasing Aromur from FWC will reduce the cool down time for both your Grenade and Super Ability. FWC is right for the players who has this kind playing style.

New Monarchy:

The third and the last Faction to chose the New Monarchy who believes in bringing back the Golden Age and maintaining the haven. This Faction has significant pull with the royal family.

Executor Hideo is the one who represents the New Monarchy in the Tower. The Armours purchased from them boosts the Intellect and Strength attributes which reduces the cool down time for the Melee and super abilities.