How to select the best Super Smash Bros. Item for Nintendo 3DS

Here is the Mario’s latest Super Smash Bros. 3DS, originally designed as a party game Super Smash Bros. it is rare to see items during a big tournament. With the items turned on you will enjoy the game. The game is available in all the modes such as Classic, All Star and Stadium.

As there are very few items available, it is also important to find the best. This post will help you to find the best items in the game and show what must be left for the opponents, unless they are easily picked up.

Super Smash Bros.

How to select the best Super Smash Bros. Item

Master Ball

The new item Master Ball, almost same as Poke Ball, the solid weapon in the previous versions Super Smash Bros. it releases legendary Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon is not always going to cause big damage or score an instant KO but there is high percentage of deadly Pokemon release compared to Pokemon from Poke Ball.

The legendary Pokemon will be setting you up to score a KO or do all the work of yours. Even if you don’t get a less effective legendary Pokemon no need to worry, be ready to capitalize on the legendary Pokemon and the opponents fleeing area.

Home-Run Bat

The most fearful weapon in all the Super Smash Bros. games, Home-Run Bat guarantees a KO. The speed is as same as all the Smash Attacks. there is free for all setting with three to four players. It is easy to to hit one or both opponents with Home-Run Bat. The Home-Run Bat is originated from Super Smash Bros. 64 / Earthbound.


Working according to its name, Freezie freezes the opponent. It is one of the best items but not so effective as Melee, the freezing time of Melee was more than the Freezie. While the character is frozen you can make considerable damage to the opponent. Most of the times the opponent runs away without attacking. They are ready to guard with shield or attempt to roll or jump away. the 3DS version of this item is very much similar to the version on Brawl.

X Bomb

Originated from Kid Icarus: Uprising, X Bomb is the new item introduced in Super Smash Bros. 3DS. The bomb’s orientation is tragic as it rotates four explosive beams of light. It is really difficult to dodge until and unless the opponent is having close attention on the X Bomb. It damages and even KO a character in some situations.T he explosive beams can interrupt any combination of opponents that are vulnerable to its attack.

Ore Club

Ore Club can be used as a basic weapon for small damages. Also can be used as Smash Attack, it releases a tornado which pushes back the opponent. the combos can be performed as it covers a considerable portion of screen. Ore Club is an edge guarder as it pushes back the opposing player back to an ideal distance. It bounces back to you for reuse if the opposing player is close to the stage while hitting. You can use it multiple times getting an KO for edge guarding and proves to be a multi tasking item.