How to Sell a House or Property in GTA Online

Sell a House GTA Online

When you find you’ve purchased all of your properties in GTA Online, it might be time to move on to something new. You might find a location bigger, fancier, or even closer to your favorite part of town. You need to take a unique approach to sell a property on GTA Online because it’s not straightforward.

Before you can sell a property on GTA Online, you need to fill up all of the current slots you have available. You won’t be able to do this otherwise. It’s a small little detail that can easily trip you up if you want to sell a property you have, but you don’t have all your slots filled. You can pick up a smaller location, even if you don’t plan to use it to help fill it in.

When you fill all of your property slots up in GTA Online, you want to go to the website to buy a place ready to pick out your next choice. When you find the next property, you want to grab the game forces you to pick one of your existing locations to sell to the open market. Much like anything in the game, you won’t receive the full price back that you had to pay to purchase it. You’ll want to choose the one you originally wanted to do away.

After you made your choice, you’ll receive the money from selling the place and have the chance to buy the new one. It’s a weird system if you want to sell a location, and forces you to keep your slots maximized, but understanding how this strange system works is extremely important.