How to Shoot Companions out of Junk Mortar in Fallout 4 Contraption DLC

Yakuza Ishin

The Contraption Workshop DLC for Fallout 4, not only opens the building which is a good settlement for Sole Survivor but also brings more options to test and experiment things in weird combinations. You need to remake your Settlement to look good and have enough resources to build stuffs, but there are players who try to experiment these resources into some of the weird punishment weapons.

How to Shoot Companions out of Junk Mortar

How to Shoot Companions out of Junk Mortar

One of the players found this glitch with the Junk Mortar which can help you to shoot all the Companions out. This was not the end, he even added spikes so that they can land to their death. I think he wasn’t happy punishing them with the Pillory so he tried with all this craziness. Are you ready to turn your Junk Mortar into a Human Cannonball? So let’s get started with the things you need:

  • A Junk Mortar
  • A Companion(You wish to Punish)
  • Stairs to Build the Platform

First things First you must place the Junk Mortar in the settlement with the free space. Command your Companions to get into the Junk Mortar and they won’t even respond so you must forcefully push them into it(Glitch). Here we need to build some stairs and a platform they can walk on, it makes it possible to get them inside so you can launch them in the air. Here is your Human Cannonball ready to Go.

Hint: You can try adding some Spikes in the Front just like the Guy did in the Video below.