How to Solve Shady House Quiz in Pokemon Sun And Moon

In Pokemon Sun And Moon, you will come across a Shady House Quiz in the Ula’ula Island. You need to solve that quiz to unlock and get to the upstairs room. The following guide is having the information about where to find clues to solve the Shay House Quiz in the game.

Shady House Quiz - Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to Solve Shady House Quiz:

When you are at the Shady House Quiz in the Ula’ula Island, you will find a locked door in the second floor that is preventing from going inside, in order to get inside you need the password.

And to find the password, you need to search for the clues around the area. The first clue is found on the first floor, on the left, inside the back room you will find a paper with clue. To find the second clue look for the door which leads under the stair case, go through it to find the kitchen with a paper that is having two clues inside having second clue.

To find the third clue, go to the second floor, on the left, last door and the clues might change accordingly. Once you gathered up all the clues answer all the questions of the guy that is in front of the locked door in order to gain access to the locked door.

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