How to Solve the Chess Puzzle in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is a third-person survival horror video game where the player also has some adventures, puzzles to go side track or be it a part of the main mission. This Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Guide will show you how and where to use the Iron Needle and solve the Chess puzzles.

How to Solve the Chess Puzzle

Chess itself is the tricky puzzle where you need to make the right move in order to win. One wrong move and you might get stuck, this is why we want you to show you how to make the perfect move from the start of the puzzle. To start with the chess puzzle, you must enter the chess room. Let’s begin with the Puzzle:

How to Solve the Chess Puzzle

To Start with the puzzle, we would like you to move the White King( the white piece with the cross) down until you can move it over to the left corner. Note to yourself not to touch any other piece. Once you have made the left corner it’s time to take all over back up into the two white pieces you will notice that the black once have put you in checkmate. This is when the chess board will move and you will get access to the items hidden underneath.

Thus Solving you Chess Puzzle at one shot. Go ahead and collect the items Book of Evil and a Marcus Diary from the desk and continue with your hunt. We hope this guide was useful and worked for you as well.