How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is a third-person survival horror video game where the player also has some adventures, puzzles to go side track or be it a part of the main mission. This Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Guide will show you how and where to use the Iron Needle and solve the clock puzzles.

How to Solve the Clock Puzzle

Where to Find the Iron Needle

For those who have already found the Iron Needle can skip this part and continue with the next. Those who haven’t got must know that you need different items in order to figure which will work to solve the puzzles. So you need to have the Fire Key after defeating the Centipede boss, open the locked door and head towards the training facility. Take right towards the kitchen again open the locked door and grab the lighter fluid for Billy’s lighter.

Now you need to head back to the second floor and unite the two. You must go up to the lamp with Billy near the locked door to light the room and you will find the some grenades for your launcher with Iron Needle.

How to Solve the Clock Puzzle

You have the Iron Needle, now it’s time to solve the clock room puzzle. Here either lift Rebecca backup or both go ahead and clear it out. Here you need to use the Iron Need to manipulate the clock mechanism and set it to the time which is showed in the file called “Notice to all staff”, for us it was 8:15.

If you don’t have the file then you cna find it on the first floor in the same room where the crows broke through the window. Once you have set the Time correctly it is solved. Do check our other guides on Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster.