How to Stop Lag/Shutter in GTA 5 for lower-end PCs

 How to Stop Lag/Shutter in GTA 5 for lower-end PCs

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No Doubt Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the Best Game and everyone wants it. But Some of the Lower-end(Below Recommended requirements) PCs are facing issues such as the game Freezes during the gameplay or the screen shutters every time. It is very frustrating and everyone obviously hates whenever it happens even if it is on the lowest possible settings. So to Fix this issue here is the Guide how to stop lags and shutters in GTA 5 externally.


People with good and lower specs facing the lag and shutters even after the patch update. Why wait for another patch when you can still play it very well. The below steps will help you to make proper usage of your GPU and processes to stop the Lags.


Open the Nvidia control panel settings.


Set your ‘pagefile‘ to 12000 on the same drive where GTA 5 is installed


Start the game with steam, open the task manager and reset the priorities.

gtagamelauncher to low and gta.exe(the game) to high“.

Note: The Priorities should be reset right after you start the game from steam.

Steps 4:

It is done. Now you can check and compare your gameplay with the previous one.

Hope this Guide Helped you and No more Lags and Shutters in the Game. Enjoy. 🙂