How to Stream Live Video Games for Youtube and Twitch

Live Streaming these days have become a lot easier just like the Live streaming site Twitch which higher viewer rate than any other live Streaming platform. PC gamer has started taking advantage of this process and now share their gameplay review or the missions on how it show be done or their gaming skills. This Article is all about teaching you how to go Live on your channel while playing your video Game.

How to Stream Live Video Games for Youtube and Twitch

Live Streaming is mostly done by the key players who get the Advanced copies of the game and try to brag and show how they feel about the game, their performance and game mechanics etc. So we want you to go live as well, share your skills and show how the game should be played. You must be aware of one of the popular broadcasting program XSplit which will help you with the easy Live Steaming. There are tons of software out there but we find XSplit to be easy and handy.

How to Stream Live Video Games

Before we start with the Setting up of XSplit Software here are some basic requirements which are needed before you start streaming live from your computer. You need Basic CPU like i5 Processor with 4GB RAM, a Good Internet connectivity with 3.5 MP/S or above, A Webcam to improve the quality and intimacy of your Stream and lastly the Streaming software XSplit which you must download and register.

There are Four things you must adjust to going live stream to your Video game.

Adding and Adjusting Game

The first thing you must do is keep you game running in the background so that the program detects it and give you the option to select in File – Add Game – Click on your Game Name.

Adjusting Scene Source

You will see the Scene Source tab will now highlight the Scenes that are playing on the Main Screen right now. This tab is very useful to switch from one scene to another. For example, you have added source and you want to adjust the size then you can directly click on the Scene and play with it.

Adjusting Stream Channels

In order to go Live select, the Broadcast Tab then select Add channel and select your Channel. Log in to your account and it done. Easy Isn’t it?

Adjusting Camera

Adding camera is very easy but if you want to remove the annoying background then right-click on the current cam then go to the Color Tab and then Select the Chroma Key radio button.

This is how you can easily setup your Live Streaming for VideoGames. Check the video from XSplit to know more about the software.