How to Summon Companion And Play Co-op in Nioh


In Nioh, there are multiple options you can use to get the help from different players. When you need help, you can summon a friend or other player over the internet to help you out and also you can go to the rescue of a friend or other online players. It will be easy to beat the boss Yokai with the help of summoned companion. The following guide shows how to summon companion and play co-op in the game.

Nioh Co-op Mode

How to summon player for Co-op in Nioh:

To beat the level with a friend, follow below steps:

  • On the main map, click the base icon.
  • Select “Torii Gate” in the menu.
  • Choose “Yokai Realm with A Companion”.

In this method, both the players can clear their levels at the same time.

To get help, summon a companion by following below steps:

  • Go to the shrine.
  • Select the “Summon visitor” option.
  • Select the number of ochoko cups you want to offer.

Then the game connects you with random internet Player.

To help, get summoned by following below steps:

  • On the map, click on the temple icon.
  • Choose “Torii Gate” from the menu.
  • Select “Random Encounters”.

In this method, you can help a particular friend or random internet player and you can protect yourself by using a password.

The PvP mode is not available for Nioh right now, we will update as we get the info on it.

Keep in note that, you can’t summon multiple players, only one player can be summoned. Playstation Plus subscription is needed for multiplayer gaming.