How to Survive The Hillbilly in Dead by Daylight


Where there are Survivor ready to Escape the Enclosed Forest in Dead by Daylight there are also Killers who are all set to hunt them down. There are three Monstrous Killers in the game and in this guide we will be talking about The Hillbilly and if you want to know more about the other two then find the link at the end of the Guide.

How to Survive The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly

Hillbilly is the Second Killer in the game and also one of the most dangerous Monstrous out there. He is Armed with a Chainsaw on hand and a Hammer on the other which makes him even worse as his Hit can bring down the survivor’s health below 50. You can easily notice him with the sound of the Chainsaw revving and the thus you must not hide in the closets when he is nearby.

Hillbilly is set on a Kill Frenzy mode so avoid getting closer to him as the deadly chainsaw and it’s terrifying strength can crush all your bones and flesh at once. It is easy to avoid him, but if you are trapped and he is nearby them the game is over so let’s look at the tips on how to survive from Hillbilly.

How to Survive from The Hillbilly

One of the Biggest advantages of Hillbilly is the Chainsaw which can be also his disadvantage as it makes the noise of the revving and thus you can easily notice him. Never Hide when he is around and chainsaw and the hammer can also be used to chop down the rocks, crates, and other things. If you are running then try not to run in a straight line and avoid getting noticed. It will be easy and clear enough one you have played 2-3 matches with him.

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