How to Survive The Wraith in Dead by Daylight


Where there are Survivor ready to Escape the Enclosed Forest in Dead by Daylight there are also Killers who are all set to hunt them down. There are three Monstrous Killers in the game and in this guide we will be talking about The Wraith and if you want to know more about the other two then find the link at the end of the Guide.

How to Survive The Wraith

The Wraith

The Third and the most deadliest Killer in Dead by Daylight is the Wraith. He moves like a shadow who appears and vanishes at the sound of his dreaded bell. Even if you have the sense the Killer by his ability won’t work when the Wraith turns invisible. The Survival against the Wraith is one of the difficult things to do as the Survivors tend to lose their control and run which makes them vulnerable.

The Wraith uses the Azarov’s Skull as the primary weapon which is the skull of his former Boss and a deadly weapon. Second is the Wailing Bell which is a heavy cast iron bell with ancient powers and the reason Wraith enters and walks invisible. This was all about the Killer Wraith and now we can have a look at how we can survive from him.

How to Survive from The Wraith

When Invisible the Wraith gets stronger and he can move faster to cover the ground, but he cannot interact or attack the survivor. So you must avoid all the Fogs nearby and if you want to break his invisibility then all you need to do is notice him while he turns invisible without your heartbeat sensor and his visibility can show where exactly he will appear and then act to it. Keep it low and slow, notice your environment more than regular and you will know where exactly to move next.

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