How to Throw Enemies in For Honor

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In the For Honor, there is a special ability that lets you throwing your opponent, which could be done with style and of course fun. However, it is not as easy as it sound. There are different types of throwing like you can throw the opponent to the wall, on the ground and pushing off the cliff. The following guide shows how to throw the opponent in the game.

For Honor Throw

How To Throw Enemies in For Honor:

In order to throw the enemy, first you need to break the enemy’s defense and make them stumble back. Then you need to push forward and press the X button on Xbox one, Square button on PlayStation 4 to start the throw which will throw your enemy to some distance and you can also throw the enemy off the cliff.

However, there are few points to be considered while throwing the enemy like you will be exposed off guard to the enemy so check on the surroundings before going for the throw and while you are planning on throwing more than one enemy, then do it only if you can make them fall to die. Different characters perform different style of throwing so make sure to check on them all to enjoy throwing in the game.