How To Transfer Data from Xbox 360 to new Xbox 360

Looking for the solution by which you can transfer your old Xbox 360 data to the all new redesigned version of the console, than follow the two step given below which.

Why Transfering of Data is Required?

The hard drives used by old-design of Xbox 360 is not compatible with the newer version of the console as it has a different hard drive shape and it uses a different connection.

Way to Transfer Your Old Xbox 360 Data To the New Xbox 360:

First Way:

The first way is to make use of USB stick, transfer your data from old Xbox 360 to USB stick and than onto your new redesigned version of Xbox 360, both old and new version of Xbox 360 has a USB support. But this way will be of no use when you want to transfer many Gigabytes of data from your current Xbox 360 to new one.

Second Way:

The second way is useful when you want to transfer many Gigabytes of data. In this way make use of transfer cable which will be connected to the harddrive of old Xbox 360 from one end and the second end will be connected to USB port of new designed Xbox 360. The transfer cable will be costing $19.

The newly designed Xbox 360 version will be available in stores on June 15 2010.