How to turn on Quick Chat in For Honor

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In the For Honor, Quick Chat is the feature that lets you communicate with your team members. When you are playing as a team which is four Vs four match, you can use this option to communicate with other members in the team to make strategy and attacks etc. The following guide shows how to use Quick Chat feature in the game.

For Honor Quick Chat Settings

How To Use Quick Chat Feature in For Honor:

  • When you are playing as a team which is of four Vs four match, it is important to communicate with your team to make strategies to defeat the enemy.
  • In order to use the Quick Chat, you need to press the L1 button or LB button to bring up the quick chat menu and press any of the four face buttons to communicate with your team.
  • The Quick Chat includes options like thank you, sorry and requesting for revival etc. When you are on the battle field playing as a team, check the radar on the bottom right of the screen.
  • So that you can track the position of the enemies and your team members to make strategies accordingly and attack the enemy to defeat with the team work.