How to Unlock any Door in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

 How to Unlock any Door in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

In the world of Dark Arisen, you will come across different doors of which many are locked. Players try hard to find the key to unlocking the door and get through the other side of the area. Either you can those door keys or try the other way round. This guide will show you how to craft Skeleton Keys and get every door unlocked in the game.

How to Unlock any Door

The Keys can be found(time consuming) after searching(Duke’s Castle Dungeon behind the boxes near the guard) or the chests in Gran Soren or you can buy it from the Montebank which is located in The Black Cat in Gran Soren. It will cost you around 4000 Gold a pop.

As we said there are different ways you to unlock the door, but one thing is very easy and quick method is to craft your own key that is the Skeleton Keys. In order to craft your own Skeleton keys, you must have the right materials from which ‘Shackle’ is the base the crafting material. It’s very basic need to keep a few SkeletonKeys with you.

Note: The Doors which cannot be unlocked with these Keys then it can be only found in the Gran Soren dungeon, Smugglers’ Pass, and Bitterblack Isle.

You can find the Shackle by killing Bandits and Giant Undead. Here are the different types of crafting techniques:

  1. Shackle + Unremarkable Ore
  2. Shackle + Scrap of Iron
  3. Shackle + Hunk of Ore
  4. Shackle + Hammer

If you have any one of these then you are good to go with the crafting and unlocking the daam locked door. Go ahead and have fun.