How To Unlock Classic Difficulty (NG+) In The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 supports New Game Plus (NG+) called “Classic”. It is the MOST Difficult mode in The Evil Within 2 and unlocks only after you complete the game once. Before moving on to the details on what exactly are important features of the Classic Difficulty Mode of The Evil Within 2 let’s go through the basics first.

The Evil Within 2 Classic Difficulty - How To Get

How To Unlock Classic Difficulty (NG+)

First and the foremost thing, as you all know that completing the game on the first playthrough unlocks new weapons, gear, and outfits for lead protagonist Sebastian. What these items are going to depend on the difficulty level you select – which means the item you will get in New Game Plus mode will depend on the difficulty level of your first playthrough. At the start of the game, you get to select one out of these three difficulty levels – Casual, Survival and Nightmare. If you complete the game on Nightmare difficult then you unlock the best version of the new gear and outfits in Classic (NG+) mode. In short, your first playthrough difficulty level will have a big impact on what you get in New Game Plus mode.

Classic Difficulty supports all the rules of the Nightmare Difficulty i.e. Limited Resources, the damage enemies make will be bigger and harder, you need to be very careful in Item Management, and the best way to survive in this mode is to go with a Strategic Play.

In addition to all the above things, Classic Difficulty also brings to the table the following Challenges –

It does not support AutoSave Feature – You have to be very careful because if you DIE you go back to the start of the game – TITLE screen. Furthermore, it is possible for you to SAVE your game only 7 TIMES. Yes, you can save game 7 times throughout the entire game – from start to finish. Lastly, the lead character Sebastian will not have an ability to upgrade himself or his weapons. You will have to complete the entire game with what is available with you right from the start – you can’t upgrade Sebastian or the weapons.

Bethesda says that Classic Difficulty Level of The Evil Within 2 is “a difficulty with some real risks and any slight mistake could cost you dearly.”