How to Unlock Crossy Road Piggy Bank, Red Coins, Bonus and more

The fun filled game Crossy Road is available for iOS and Android platforms. It is a hopping game published by Hipster Whale. There are many characters that can be unlocked. Piggy bank is one of them. It is the character which can’t be obtained from the prize machine. this guide is to hep you out in unlocking the Piggy bank, the features of Piggy Bank, etc.

Crossy Road

How to Unlock Crossy Road Piggy Bank, Red Coins, Bonus and more

Unlocking the Piggy bank

To unlock the Piggy bank go to the Character Select Window. You’ll find it on the extreme right of the screen when you scroll. Click on the Piggy Bank. Get the information that you need about the character. Now click on the I button.


After unlocking the Piggy Bank you’ll get a bonus of 1000 coins. This coins will be helpful for you. You can play in the Prize machine for several times. Earning this initial bonus is not the only advantage of the Piggy Bank. there are many more prizes, making the game more exciting and enjoyable.

Red Coins

As you start the level after unlocking the Piggy bank, you’ll see red coins on the screen. Collect them. Each Red coin is worth 5 coins. this earns you far more than the normal coins and flowers earlier. this Red Coins are more advantageous.


Watching a video can earn you coins. Isn’t it amazing? Watch a video after unlocking the the Piggy Bank, your coins will be doubled. The amount of coin gifts will also get doubled. Earning more coins means unlocking more mascots. Hence, unlocking Piggy Bank will unlock more characters faster.

Will I get Piggy Bank for Free?

The Piggy Bank cannot be unlocked for free. After you are getting so many benefits that compensates the cost, you can pay a small sum for that. There is no other option for unlocking it for free other than hacking.