How To Unlock Flying Regalia, Controls For Landing – Final Fantasy XV

Flying Regalia in Final Fantasy XV is a must have vehicle in the game. To unlock Regalia in Final Fantasy XV, you will have to perform a certain task. In this guide, we have provided all the details you need to know to access Regalia in Final Fantasy XV. So without any further ado, let us get started.

Unlock Regalia In Final Fantasy XV

Steps to Unlock Regalia in Final Fantasy XV:

The license plate of Regalia reads “Insomnia” and “RHS-113”, referring to the capital of Lucis and Regis being its 113th ruler. It is a black convertible driven by Ignis. In Final Fantasy XV, Regalia is the party’s car and mode of transportation.

  • Step 1: Players must first complete the game and fulfill the below conditions (mentioned in Step 2 and Step 3) in order to obtain the flying Regalia.
  • Step 2: Players must obtain the three customization parts from the three Niflheim bases.
  • Step 3: After completing the game bring the three parts to Cindy. The Flying Regalia can be obtained by fulfilling these conditions.

Once you have unlocked the Regalia you will achieve “Regalia Pilot Trophy”. The player will be able to customize the car with different “skins”, and some of these customization skins are available as preorder bonuses. In-game, the car is upgradable with increasingly elaborate models.

Regalia Controls:

Follow the steps provided below to fly Regalia i.e. to get it into the air, and to avoid crash landing.

Step 1: Take Off

  • Drive the car to develop speed. Once you have reached a desired speed press Circle on PS4 (B on Xbox One) to get it into the air. To steer, it uses the left stick.

Step 2: Landing

  • To get it back to the ground HOLD X on PS4 (A on Xbox One). You should be very careful during the landing process of Regalia because if you miss the road then it will be the end i.e. DEATH due to a crash landing.

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