How to Unlock Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith – Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

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Blood and Wine expansion in Witcher 3 brings tons of features to the game including new quest, armor, weapons, side quest and much more. When you explore the Toussaint region you will come across a newly added Grandmaster Smith who is a new vendor who can craft your Grandmaster Gears when you hand him over the Diagrams. So let’s see how you can unlock the Blacksmith and where you can find all the diagrams.

How to Unlock Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith

Grandmaster Smith Location

Grandmaster Blacksmith will not be available for the Crafting as soon as you find him, but you need to complete his side quest to gain his trust and then he will make other things available as well. So the Side quest follows this way:

Head to the Central City of Beauclair and then explore the east of Nilfgaardian Embassy sign which will be south of the Gran Place. Look for decent armor shop and then talk to the vendor until you exhaust all his dialogues(other by Buying and Selling goods). Once he reveals his true identity of Grandmaster Craftsman and begins the side quest – ‘Master Master Master Master!’.

Now you will get multiple ‘Scavenger’ hunt side quest which is also the location for each and every piece of Grandmaster Armor Set. Follow the steps carefully and the Grandmaster of Toussaint will help you with the crafting of the Armor but make sure you have gathered enough resources. Also, there are certain requirements in order to equip the Grandmaster Armor:

  • You must be Level 40+
  • Wearing Half Set will Provide unique Bonus while Full Set provides Full Bonus
  • You can only Craft the Gear at Grandmaster Smith Lafargue

So this was all about the Grandmaster Blacksmith location, if you want to locate all 5 armor set then check out our Grandmaster Gear Diagram Guide and unlock them all.