How to unlock Hidden stages in Mortal Kombat X

Like the old school versions of the Mortal Kombat which had the hidden characters and stages, Mortal Kombat X also have some Hidden Features. The Krypt allows the player to unlock a new area, fatalities, brutalities and costumes. Here are some hidden stages given below and steps shown on how to unlock them.

Mortal Kombat X

How to Unlock Hidden Stages in Mortal Kombat X:

There are 3 Hidden Stages to be unlocked in Mortal Kombat X. In order to unlock these stages you need to buy it from the specific location.The exact location(coordinates) are been shared below. You need Koins to buy/unlock the stages.

Dead Woods: To unlock the Dead Woods, go down to the Large Grave in the Krypt’s Cemetery area. You need 1120 Koins to unlock this stage.

Coordinates: (-18, 9)

Outworld Marketplace: To unlock the Outworld Marketplace, go to the Glowing Ball in Krypt’s Shadow Spider’s Hive area. You need 1150 Koins to unlock this stage

Coordinates: (7, 42)

Kuatan Palace: To unlock Kuatan Palace, go to the Chest in Krypt’s Shao Kham’s Tomb area. You need 1240 Koins to unlock it.

Coordinates: (4, 8)

These were the Hidden stages in Mortal Kombat X. If you have any doubts you can shoot them below in the comments section.