How to unlock Infinite Health in God of War III Remastered

God of War Remastered can now be played with the Infinite Health. This guide shows how to unlock the infinite health for Kratos. Firstly you need to complete the Challenges of the Olympus with any difficulty you want. If you haven’t completed the Challenges of the Olympus yet then you won’t be able to unlock the Infinite Health.

God of War III Remastered

After completing the Olympus Challenges go to Main menu and select the Combat Arena Mode and change the settings for Health and others to Infinite, Change the Difficulty to Titan and in enemies section select only Gorgon.

Start the Combat Arena and Kill yourself by getting stoned in the mid air. Repeat this process until the game prompts you to change the setting to easy mode, then select no and this will take you to the main menu screen where you can start the new game and with the difficulty to titan and let the game begin. You will have infinite health, magic and item meter, but your Blade will be reset to level 1 by default.

Now Kratos is invincible in the normal gameplay mode. You don’t take any damage when hit by any number enemies. This will also max out your Weapons as well. Enjoy the God mode for Kartos with this new Infinite Health and weapons.