How to unlock last cut-scene from the Silent Hill P.T demo

 How to unlock last cut-scene from the Silent Hill P.T demo

The Silent Hill P.T demo is available on the PlayStation Store. This innovative way announcing a game has turned many heads. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro together launched the Silent Hill interactive teaser.

After the release of P.T demo many gamers were eager to play this special teaser, but are stuck in the last puzzle. So here is a way in which you will easily be able to solve that last bit of cut-scene from the Silent Hill P.T demo.

Silent Hill

Follow this guide to unlock last cut-scene from the Silent Hill P.T demo:

You need to collect all the photo pieces before the last cut-scene, also dont approach the crying girl. If you need to pass through her, wait for her crying to stop. Also if the ghost of a girl runs into you, you will be possessed by her and hear her voices in your headphone every time you stop moving. You need to go through the restart door to stop this.

After collecting all the photo pieces go in the last door and look at the clock till it strikes midnight, do not move till then. If you hear any ghosts crying, wait for them to stop, then walk around 10 steps down the hallway and wait for a baby to giggle.

Now you have to use your microphone. you need to shout into your mic for about 30 seconds like you are scared to death. The game will be tricked into thinking that you are having a panic attack. This time another baby will laugh.

Next go to the phone, kept on shelf, and use R3. This will make your controller vibrate. This should be the third time you will hear a baby laughing.

If you keep looking at the phone it will start ringing, this should take about 20-30 seconds. The you will hear an ominous sound from the phone saying “You have been chosen.” Now a door will unlock which will lead you to the final cut scene where you will see Norman Reedus, the main character

Here is the Silent Hill P.T demo walkthrough:

Now you dont need to actually be scared, just pretend to be and unlock this fun filled horror demo of the Silent Hill. Tell us in the comment section if you successfully unlocked the demo.