How to Unlock Legendary Hero in XCOM 2 Characters Guide

 How to Unlock Legendary Hero in XCOM 2 Characters Guide

In XCOM 2, you will take control of XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation where twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders. There are different Soldiers Classes, characters in XCOM 2 and each class determines who the Soldiers will work on the battlefield. This XCOM 2 hero character guide will help you unlock various legendary characters with ease.

How to Unlock Legendary Hero

How to Unlock Legendary Hero Characters

There are Legendary Heroes Characters which can be unlocked at any point in time, but there are pros and cons for doing it. You must have tried renaming few of your Soldier which makes it really easy for you to remember during the battlefield. These legendary heroes have very high level of power stats, sort of a full power package soldiers which are specially built for Battlefield.

These Heroes are so Powerful that they can wipe out a bunch of enemies in one go. You will also be warned once you add them in your roster. That is why we recommend you not use the full power of these heroes at once. So Are you ready to bring them up to the battlefield? In order to Unlock the Legendary Hero:

Step 1:

Open the Soldier Roster

Step 2:

Select any soldiers to customise and change character info

Step 3:

Here you need to enter one of the ‘Legendary Hero’ name in both the field(First and last name) from the List Below.

Step 4:

Once you save the name the hero will overwrite all the characteristics and abilities.

Step 5:

You Hero is Ready to Go

List of Legendary Heros

Unlock: Peter Van Hoorn

  • First Name: Peter
  • Last Name: Van Hoorn
  • Ability: Rapid Fire Scout, Moves Faster


Unlock: Sid “Godfather” Meier

  • First Name: Sid
  • Last Name: Meier
  • Ability: Psionic Abilities, Super advanced weaponry and Armour


Unlock: John “Beaglerush” Teasdale

First Name: John

Last Name: Teasdale

Ability: ???


This Guide is Under Progress… We will keep updating the List asap.