How to Unlock Outlaw Missions in Need for Speed 2015 Guide

In Need for Speed 2015, the Outlaw icon in the game is none other than Shinichi Morohoshi, who will guide you with the missions. First you need to prove your worth in order to unlock the Outlaw Missions. Here is Everything you need to know on how to unlock the Outlaw Missions in Need For Speed 2015.

Need For Speed

Becoming Outlaw is nothing but becoming a messing and escaping from cops are an underground race or pushing it out of their limits this is a risk but if pays you a good and huge amount of Rewards. To Unlock the Outlaw Missions:

You’ll start receiving messages from an Unknown Person(?????) in your in-game phone, who ask you to prove your worth in the Ventura Bay City. First with Running 2 roadblocks in a pursuit and escape successfully. So it’s time to locate the Roadblocks, these totally depend on your car and it’s speed.

Few Roadblocks are very difficult to smash so select the best one and Move to the escape zone.First Built up the Heat level, in order to reach a bounty level of $80k, keep the cops active till 5 minutes before escaping or then start hunting for the roadblocks as you get enough Heat.

Now the Second Message will be to Run the Time trial with cops in Pursuit. Here you need to finish the race and then escape the area to cool down the heat level. For quick escaping the cops all you need to do is go to a safe place and turn off your engines where the cops will just pass by you and they leave the area. Now the outlaw missions are unlocked. Enjoy Racing and Chasing.