How to unlock Secret Krypt Areas in Mortal Kombat X

 How to unlock Secret Krypt Areas in Mortal Kombat X

Like the old school versions of the Mortal Kombat which had the hidden characters and stages, Mortal Kombat X also have some Hidden Features. The Krypt allows the player to unlock a new area, fatalities, brutalities and costumes. Here are some krypt areas given below and steps shown on how to unlock them.

Mortal Kombat X

Most of the Krypt areas are locked/hidden or you need to solve some puzzle or find the secret areas. Only a few krypt areas you will notice that are mapped on the compass. The below is the list of all the items you need to unlock all the secret areas. If you collect all the items given below you will be awarded with 50k Koins. These krypt contains Tombstones which you need to purchase with koins which will eventually unlock the hidden Fatalities and Brutalities.

Here is the List of 13 items you need to unlock the secret areas.

Raiden’s Staff:

  • Location – Shadow Spiders Kave
  • Coordinates: (5,11)

Reptile’s Claw:

  • Location – Widow’s Pass
  • Coordinates: (6,30)

Switch Passage:

  • Code: 4 1 3 2

Kotal Kahn’s Sword:

  • Location – Kotal’s Kave
  • Coordinates: (22,34)

Kenshi’s Katana:

  • Location – Shadow Spider’s Hive
  • Coordinates: (5,40)

Kung Lao’s Hat:

  • Location – Chamber of Bones
  • Coordinates: (-7,12)

Scorpion’s Spear:

  • Location – Walkway of Souls
  • Coordinates: (-13,19)

Sub-Zero’s Iceball:

  • Location – Frost Path
  • Coordinates: (-21,20)

Spider Gem:

  • Location – Scorpion Pits
  • Coordinates: (18,10)

Liu Kang’s Fireball:

  • Location – Shao Khan’s Tomb
  • Coordinates: (0,6)

Ermac’s Medallion:

  • Location – Dark Pass
  • Coordinates: (-5,18)

Jax’s Rocket Launcher:

  • Location – Kahn’s Stronghold
  • Coordinates: (0,12)

Netherrealm Kamidogu:

  • Location – Shrine of the Dead
  • Coordinates: (-11,13)

These where all the collectible you need to unlock the secret areas of krypt.