How to Upgrade Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor The Eye of Vengeance, There is no Escape, Shadow Under Siege and more Bows, Weapon Upgrade Guide

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While playing Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor the player has to take the role of Talion, who is brought to life by the spirit of vengeance and empowered with wraith abilities. Story revolves around Talion, he seeks to take revenge against the Sauron and his army they are the one who killed his family and him. Through his journey he unravels the truth about spirit and power of Rings. Guys what are you waiting for, help Talion to win his battle against the enemies by upgrading the Bows.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

How to Upgrade Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Bows:

Shadow Under Siege

To complete this mission you just need to sit inside the green circle and shoot barrels near Orcs. Kill the Orcs before they start alerting everyone. You need to go in the Durthang outskirts Stronghold to complete this task.

The Eye of Vengeance

This task requires focus, all you need to do is run out and let Urks come to you. 5 Urks are supposed to be killed at close range in order to complete this task. Killing can be completed within a minute.

The Secret Flame

Its best to complete this task in less than 5 barrel, the explosions won’t cause any harm. These barrels are required to kill the Ghuls. To kill the Ghuls you need to enter the cave and run to the check poiny.

There is no Escape

To win this task at least 3 urks should be killed and also stop five of the urks entering the fort.

The Spirit of Fire

The main aim of this task is to kill 5 urks using Fire arrows. The fire arrows come into picture in this mission, it should be used on the explosives barrel. Don’t you guys forget to charge up the combo meter before you start killing.