How to use all Power-ups and Field Pickups in Star Wars: Battlefront Guide

 How to use all Power-ups and Field Pickups in Star Wars: Battlefront Guide

There various Collectible scattered throughout the Star Wars Battlefront Map and Some collectibles like the Power-ups and Pickups allows you to access the special weapons, abilities, vehicles and much more for a very limited time. This Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Guide we will provide you details and Tips and Tricks on how to use these Power-ups and Pick-ups.

Star Wars Battlefront

List of Power-ups

The Power-ups are represented by a circular icon and when you collect it they will spawn on the same location making it ready to use, but be very careful with few Power-ups as they very powerful that they can turn the game upside down. Once you collect it they will be shown below in ur HUD near the card slot and you must press the Power Ability buttons in order to activate the Power-up. Here is the List if Power-ups in the game:

Blaster Cannon

The Blaster Cannon is very Similar to the E-Web turret as they provide standard firepower with decent damage to enemies. These Power-ups can be found anywhere in space and the good thing here is that they will shield you until they are completely Broken or destroyed.

  • Shield Health: 200
  • Rate of Fire: 275 RPM
  • Damage: 35 and extra 25 explosion damage
  • Radius: 1.3 Meters

Card Refresh

A Powerful Power-up that helps you Refresh the Star and Charged Star Cards. Better make use of this Power-up advantage.

Infantry Turret

If you locate such Powerful Turrets they can stand for you as a Defense. These Turrets are automated which help you defeat the infantry. They Must be Activated in the area with a maximum number of enemies and this turret will be active until they are destroyed completely.

  • Lock Time: 1.5 Seconds(Short Range) and 3 Seconds (beyond 40 Meters)
  • Rate of Fire: 425 RPM
  • Damage: 10

Orbital Strike

Yet another Powerful Power-up used to Destroy outdoor location. It is a set of Artillery and when you use it simply wait until the enemy is locked with blue reticle line.

  • Radius: 18 Meters
  • Damage: 100 per Projectile

Proximity Bomb

The Proximity Bomb works same like the Mines. When you place it on the ground where the enemies are nearby the bomb gets detonated if someone gets close to it. If you hear the Beep sound then the bomb is active and ready to blast.

  • Proximity: 7 Meters
  • Fuse: 1.5 Seconds when Triggered
  • Damage: 150 within 5 Meters
  • Radius: 7 Meters

Sensor Droid

The Sensor Droid works as your Companion and if you are working with Imperial Forces then you will get Viper Probe Droid whereas for Rebels get an Astromech Droid. Make sure to use the complete power of these Droid by making them Lock and Shoot Order at teh Enemies. These Droids takes heavy damage from Ion so try avoiding them from the Ion Shooters. You can also use them to scan the area and make the Other droids and Enemies visibility on for all the teammates.

RS Droid Stats

  • Type: Ground Droid
  • Lock Time: 1
  • Rate of Fire: 500 RPM
  • Damage: 20

Viper Droid Stats

  • Type: Repulsor
  • Lock Time: 1
  • Rate of Fire: 200 RPM
  • Damage: 20

Smart Rocket

This Rocket is very smart which Locks and Detonate on the enemy’s vehicles. Not only the Lock system but they can also be part of the random shoot which will help you finish off the infantry.

  • Fuse: Explodes on impact
  • Damage: 500 within 2 Meters
  • Radius: 3 Meters

Squad Shield

A temporary Shield activated for max about 90 seconds. This shield can protect you from any blasters, explosions, and grenades, but the bad news here is that no one inside the shield cannot shoot out. If one of your enemies are using Such shield, they try destroying the Transmitter that is projecting the shield.

  • Health: 1000

Thermal Imploder

If you want to eliminate a group of Enemies at once you must use the Thermal Imploder which works like Grenade with good radius. You must also be careful if your enemies are not using such power-ups.

  • Fuse: 1.5 Seconds after impact
  • Damage: 200 within 7 Meters
  • Radius: 11 Meters

Vehicle Turret

The Vehicle Turret is similar to the Turbolaser which are automated defense and mainly focus on taking down the vehicles with rocket instead of Laser(Turbolaser). They tend to remain active until they are completely destroyed by the enemies.

  • Lock Time: 1 Second
  • Ammo: 10
  • Reload Time: 10 Seconds
  • Damage: Take down AT-ST if all ten rockets hit

List of Field Power-ups

A Unique Icon in Battlefield during Supremacy and Walker Assault modes indicated the Field Power-ups. You have 15 seconds to active the power-up once collected. If you fail to active the power-up within 15 seconds then the power-up will disappear.

Air Vehicle

You can pick up Air Vehicles Power-ups for finding X-wing, A-wing, or T-47 Airspeeder and in Galactic Empire you will find TIE fighter or TIE interceptor.


The AT-ST can only be found at Galactic Empire in Walker Assault and Supremacy mode and you can also Switch to an Imperial AT-ST if they are defeated or left open.


The AT-ST can only be found only at Galactic Empire in Walker Assault mode and it takes command of three weapons.


Depending on which faction you are supporting, you can choose from three Heros once you have collected this power-up. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia will be available for the Rebel Alliance and for Galactic Empire Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Fett will be available.

List of Pickups

Pick-ups are similar to the Power-ups, but the only difference here is that you don’t need to activate it once you collect them. There are various Pickups and some are limited to their location. Let’s check the Various Pickups in the Game.


Allows you to take +1 Charge once you have collected this pick-up. This pick-up is scattered all across the Battlefront Maps so you will find them in every Map.

Hero Vehicle

If you collect this Powerful pick-up then you get transported to one of the Hero Vehicles such as Millennium Falcon if you are in Rebel Alliance and Slave I if you support the Galactic Empire. Sadly, this Pickups can only be found at Fighter Squadron.

Extra Life

Provides you with an extra life in Survival mode

Vehicle Repair

In Fighter Squadron and Beggar’s Canyon Training mission, you can get this pick-up which will help you Fly through the icon and heal your air vehicle.

Ability Rush

This pick up can spawn only in Fighter Squadron mode and once you collect this pickup by flying your ship through the icon and it will automatically reset your abilities for immediate use.