How to use Bayonetta 2 Basic, Advanced Combos and Techniques for Nintendo Wii U


Bayonetta 2 is an upcoming action packed game developed by Platinum Games for the Wii U gaming console. On this page, you’ll find the techniques and combos for Bayonetta2, but firstly let me tell you about combos, and what they actually are.

A combo is nothing but the short form of combination. A combo truly requires a lot of practice and skills as it is a series of never ending attacks with increasing damage and dynamic forces. The length of a combo varies upon the number of factors like choice of weapon, type of enemy and intertwined attacks.

Bayonetta 2

In a combo, the Combo Meter rises automatically as your character delivers a hit. If you try to increase the level of the Combo Meter, it will directly increase your Combo Score too. Another thing which is attached to the Combo Score is Combo Multiplier. A Combo Multiplier is tied to the Combo Score and maxes out at x9.99.

A long combo will help you reach a higher Combo Multiplier and indirectly a higher Combo Score as well. Another pattern for the combo system is button- mashing, which is really wrong. There are Delayed Combos in Bayonetta 2 which requires strict timing to execute.

How to use Bayonetta 2 Basic Combo and Techniques

It is virtually not at all possible to keep on attacking continuously for an indefinite period of time therefore, the game allows the players to rest for six seconds as their Combo Score resets. And if a player takes more than that to add an attack to the Combo, the combo will end. This might prove useful when you will run out of enemies in a particular location. And then sooner, you’ll have to reach to other areas and continue the combo within the allotted time. Another basic tip to gain higher scores than a normal combo is by using Gaze of Despair or Taunt which not only makes the enemies aggressive but also increases your Combo Score.

Taunts can also be used to extend combos and gain Platinum in certain battles. For extending combos, guns are the best so after defeating the enemy just shoot your gun aiming a distant target and continue your combo. You can even dodge enemy attacks while in the middle and continue your combo. This will help you to execute uninterrupted combos for a longer period of time.

How to use Bayonetta 2 Advanced Combo and Techniques

Out of all, one of the best techniques one could use in Bayonetta 2 is Aerial Combos. These combos hardly get interrupted by ground enemies and they don’t deal with additional damage. Your character has the capability to launch enemies into the air with follow-up attacks and you got to buy Witch Strike and After Burner Kick from The Gates of Hell to launch enemies into the air and follow-up normal attacks with additional firepower.

You can also use the enemies to get into the air, by running up to the enemy and jumping again to reach the air. If you find yourself in the middle of any long combo, just jump in the middle of an attack to save yourself from any harm that comes your way. Finally, you’ll find many areas in Bayonetta 2 with boundaries and if you smash an enemy into it they will bounce off for additional attacks. Even though this technique needs a lot of practice, but we assure you it is worth your effort.