How to use Bonfires in Elden Ring

Sites of Grace can do more than just save your game.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Bandai Namco YouTube

The Souls games have Bonfires, Bloodborne has Lanterns, and Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice has Sculptor’s Idols. These waypoints serve as a brief respite in From Software’s unforgiving worlds, giving you a chance to save your game at a safe haven — even if enemies respawn every time you do. Elden Ring‘s equivalents of these are Sites of Grace, marked by pulsing energy on the ground.

Unlike those previous games, however, Sites of Grace can actually guide you deeper into Elden Ring. As stated in the gameplay preview, they will “occasionally manifest rays of guiding light.” These weave through the air for just a moment before disappearing, but they point in the direction of the game’s critical path. The Lands Between is a large world — From Software’s biggest, in fact — so if you need some guidance on where to go next, Sites of Grace can help you out.

Of course, that big world also means there’s plenty of room to explore, so you don’t have to follow any guiding light if you don’t want to. In another first for the Soulsborne series, Elden Ring lets you use a proper map, complete with handy markers and beacons. Whether you’re forging your own path or following the Sites of Grace, there’s a lot to discover out there.

This guide is a work in progress. Check back around the Elden Ring release date for updates!