How to use D-Walker Equipment in Metal Gear Online PC

 How to use D-Walker Equipment in Metal Gear Online PC

Metal Gear Online PC is now available on PC and players to have already started downloading and get their hands on the full version of the Game. There are few Players facing issue with the selection of equipment for their buddy. This Guide will show you how to customize your Buddy equipment in order to use them in the modes.

How to use D-Walker Equipment

How to Customize your Buddy equipment

We have noticed that some MGO players only try to create the some equipment for their buddy, but end up with the same thing for all the modes. For Example; if you are selecting D-Walker as your buddy from the select screen, you get options to select one of the Modes for your buddy but while playing you see them with Tranq pistols only. This is because you haven’t set your Buddy Customization correctly.

To Set you Customization:

Step 1:

Go To Customization menu via iDroid(top of the first page)

Step 2:

Select “Buddy Equipment”

Step 3:

Here you need to configure the equipment for your Buddy

Step 4:

While Selecting mission sort out which one you need

Step 5:

Congratulations! you have successfully equiped your Buddy.