How to use Destiny Consumables for Upgradation, Extra Gilmmer and Ammo Synthesis

 How to use Destiny Consumables for Upgradation, Extra Gilmmer and Ammo Synthesis

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From the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty comes Destiny. You can say Destiny isn’t a simple game, but its complications are part of the appeal and we are here to reduce the complication. This guide will tell you how to using the Consumables in Destiny. Hope the tips and tricks given below will help you in using Destiny Consumables for Upgradation, Extra Gilmmer and Ammo Synthesis.


Here are some tips and tricks for using Consumables in Destiny

Save For Better Upgradation:

Save the Blue Polyphage, Resupply Codes and the Ether Seeds consumables for big and epic battles is a good Strategy. Just until the next loot farm is found by that time on most of the Strikes the final boss battles is a great place to start.

Earning Extra Destiny Glimmer:

Go to the loot farming on Earth to earn more and more Glimmer faster. Get yourself into Orbit and then select Earth to go to the loot farming location. Do a Patrol mission, and when you spawn, jump on your Sparrow and head to the Skywatch area of the map. You will see some other players doing exactly the same thing that you are here to do so it will be easy to identify. Equip the Black Wax Idol and start killing the Hive from the cave. Earn 20,000 Glimmer in just two hours of loot farming, so check the right side of the screen to see how much Glimmer you have earned. take your friends and try it out.

When To Use Ammo Synthesis?

To get the most of a Consumable you have to know when and where to use them properly. When you take on some higher-ranking members of each faction, there can be a shortage of ammunitions which are easy to get during most of the campaign. Use the Ammo Synthesis consumables only when you battle with someone like the Devil Walker or Sepiks Prime. Just using Ammo Synthesis or Special Ammo Synthesis will work because Heavy Ammo Synthesis will not be needed that much.

Tell us in the comment section guys, what did you use the Destiny Consumables for?